schoolWe always have a bit of trouble trying to get Peanut to do her homework, she’s usually more interested in doing other things, I’m fairly certain that’s normal for most kids. For the most part it just takes a little coaxing to get her to focus.

Last night was a little tougher then just a bit of coaxing, because she hasn’t been feeling well. She has three tasks to complete and hand in for tomorrow but she keeps telling me her brain isn’t working and she just want’s to lie down and zone out…poor kid 😦 I know how she’s feeling because I feel exactly the same right now.

This morning I tried again but it just didn’t happen and then I got a message from her school Principal.

The teachers have been on a work to rule program for a while now, as of yesterday they are in a strike position and the Board has come down stating the schools will be kept open, safe and they will teach in class but that is it..absolutely nothing else will be done, I should add that the Custodians are on a work to rule plan as well and will not be sweeping the floors in the school either.

So here I am pushing this poor kid who isn’t feeling well to do her work and it probably isn’t even going to get marked! Normally I would make her do it because school work is important and handing in her assignments on time is important but I think I might just let this slide…maybe I will write a note in her agenda(the one her teacher won’t even write in right now, and that I paid 8 bucks for so that we could communicate about Peanuts progress)and tell the teacher that my daughter won’t be handing in her assignments until after she feels better.

I do understand where the Teachers are coming from and why it’s so important for them to have contracts that are upheld. These people teach our children and spend more time with our children during the day then we do. I’m not picking on the school board at all..I’m on their side for the most part. I just figure if my kiddo is’s o.k if she hands in a late assignment..especially if its just gonna sit on her teachers desk and collect dust anyway.