Riiiiiggghhhht…. I have been fighting this..whatever this is..virus, cold thing for the last few days and I’m TIRED!! Peanut had wicked flushed cheeks this morning..she has been a super trooper this week but I’m pretty sure she’s about ready to give up the fight.

I am ready to crawl into my bed with nothing but total junk food and catch the last two episodes of “How To Get Away With Murder” on demand. I have been off my workout routine this week and when I’m not feeling good I just eat the crappiest food in existence..it comforts me I suppose.

At this point I don’t care much about eating healthy and exercising.. I just want to cover myself in vicks vapo rub, get the flannel jammies out, eat and watch t.v!

At least I know I don’t have to get up and go to work tomorrow..I’ll be sleeping in!!!! 7am is sleeping in right?!

Happy Friday!! Mine will be a LOT happier once I’m in my bed!!my-body-is-a-temple-and-it-needs-a-renovation