It’s been a quiet weekend so far. I haven’t worked too much on housework so there are still some things I should get to by the end of the day or I will be regretting it over the next few days.

My Mom swung by last night to take Peanut to the movies.. They saw Hotel Transylvania and they both really enjoyed it. When Mom got here she handed me a bag and said “There are a few things in there for you, I was going to make them Christmas gifts but what the heck” So when I got back in the house I pulled the stuff out.. She had been in Calgary over the last week and picked up some running clothes for me 😃 Compression socks, workout capris and a really great sweater! I LOVE the stuff!! Fits great and feels good, so I got to try the stuff out this morning except for the pants, I wore my regular length ones because it was chilly this morning.


I managed to get 7k done this morning. On the way back I passed this guy walking his dogs, I’ve seen him on the path the past couple of weekends, he threw up a hand for a high five as I passed! It was funny, no one has ever done that to me before and of course I couldn’t leave him hanging!


I also managed to get a grocery shop done, I’m making Swedish Meatballs and Rice for supper. It’s a perfectly cool October day so a nice warm dinner like that will be nice.

For now I am just going to watch a little Football with Hubs and let Dallas pretend she’s a lap dog for a while.. Then I’ll get a little more done in the house.

I hope you are all enjoying this wonderful Sunday :o)