No really, I mean that! I know, I know, we all think our kids are the best. This kid is SO very cool though! In June she turned 10 and for her birthday she wanted a laptop with a mic headset so that she could play games and upload them to YouTube.

There are a handful of people on YouTube that she watches do this. I was a bit wary, she’s only 10 and the Internet can be a big scary place. We put in place a whole bunch of rules, set up some parental controls, I made her an account and off she went.

Over the past few months her gaming videos have started to change. She has a thing for littlest pet shop figures and began making movies with them(she has also been painting them with acrylic paint, turning them into other characters from games, movies or t.v shows)moving them around and making them talk, it was cute. I watch her videos before she uploads them and people watch them and she thinks it’s great. The last couple of videos she made were with her Minecraft figures(she plays Minecraft and she’s crazy creative with the worlds or places she makes, recreating games that she plays or places she’s been)and they are stop-motion!

They are amazing little five minute videos! I couldn’t believe how well done these videos were! She set up a back ground and then when she was done she added music.. She literally blew my mind LOL! What get’s me, is where did she even get the idea to do this?

So now she’s getting all these views on her little YouTube channel and she’s just in her glory about that!

I watch her change everyday, she used to be my little Peanut.. Now she’s a super smart tween with a killer personality and crazy creative flair!

I love where she is going…but I miss where she has been..

Being a Mom is hard but seeing her do things like this is awesome!