I had Tbata Power yesterday morning and I got it done :o) I find this one a little tough because I have such sucky upper body strength! Pushups practically kill me, and this program has something called Plyo Pushups. You do the pushup itself and THEN, while you are at the top of the movement, you jump to the side.. seriously if I could have a word with the person who came up with this..well.

sweat intervals

This morning I had Sweat Intervals, and let me tell you, this program is no joke! I was pink faced by the time I was done and my heart rate was a teady 150-160 throughout. There were a few push ups in this routine but not too many..it was however loaded with Burpee’s which are much more fun!! <– Please note the sarcasm ;o)

I’m pleased with myself so far this week as far as the exercise goes, I need to get a little cleaner with my menu but since we had so much leftover food from the weekend it was a little hard.

I will be planning a menu and a good shop this weekend, my Mother is also coming for dinner on Saturday and I always like to make something really yummy for her when she comes :o)

Off to finish my lunch..