old and young

The people I work with are OLD! Not old in years but just old people, they range between late 40’s and late 50’s. Lately I have noticed a trend that is beginning to bother me, a handful of these people I work with are complaining ALL the time of health concerns, aches and pains and weight problems.

More often then not I just find myself biting my tongue when really all I want to do is scream at them to stop eating junk and start moving. We have had discussions about food and exercise, mostly I just get told that I should just lay down and let myself age and get fat because it’s normal and inevitable. Is it normal and inevitable to wake up everyday with back pain or have high blood sugar, pre diabetes and chronic migrains? Is it normal to be at a body weight that is considered obese and have problems with your joints? Or smoke cigarettes and cough my lungs out all day??..not to mention it REEKS! I used to smoke but gave it up in favour of living longer and feeling healthier.

I’m sorry but ten, twenty and even 30 years from now I’m going to be in the best shape that I can be, running around and feeling young! I’m certainly NOT going to fill my body with crap and feel like crap until I die.

I’m feeling a little suffocated with all the negativity, I haven’t told anyone that I’m working out every morning at 5am(I’m actually on the verge of becoming an Independant Beach Body Coach)…I’m sure they will just tell me I’m nuts. I even get laughed at when I mention that I went for a run over the weekend.

I find it so strange that people would rather wallow in self pity and bad health then get up and enjoy thier lives even a little bit…it’s sad.