Ah! Sorry!! I got busy there for a minute!! ;o)

I’m baaaaaaaaaack!! hehe

I have been working my butt off..literally! I finished Insanity Max 30 last Friday and started 21 Day Fix Extreme on Monday past.

SO I didn’t get the results I wanted with Insanity Max 30, why? you ask…well…*cough* I screwed around too much *cough* My nutrition(wine…junkfood…wine…snacks) was mostly terrible. I worked out everyday but that was it, so, even though I lost a few pounds there isn’t a lot of change in body composition although I do feel stronger :o)

So far I have done PLYO Fix Extreme, Upper Fix Extreme and today was Pilates Fix Extreme. Plyo Fix was a great workout, mostly lower body and I used 10 pound dumbells. Upper fix was also a good workout and lord knows I can use the work on my pushups because I SUCK at them!

I was not impressed with todays Pilates Fix…first it was all resistance band and second I didn’t really feel like it was a tough workout. My resistance bands need replacing, that might help. I do feel like it was a reaaaaaaly good stretch for my sore muscles though so I’ll take that and perhaps tomorrow my abdominals will be sore from todays work.

I’m gonna take some after photos this weekend to show my results from Insanity Max 30 so I can send away for my T-shirt! I also need to use them as my “before” photos for 21DFX.

I mentioned a while ago that I had signed up to coach and I’m still doing that :o) took a couple of training courses to help me figure things out, I’m not going fiull force on that right now, I pretty much just want to grab a bunch of unhealthy people and help them to feel better..SO.. I will be setting up a free private Facebook group to start In January(everyone has healthy resolutions) and I’m going have people just do whatever they want to get fit and healthy, the only thing they have to conribute is accountability :o) By motivating and coaching others I also get to motivate and better myself!


Win Win!!