Yeah, so, it seem’s I set up a blog just so I could do absolutely nothing at all with it! I wonder if other people have done this as well. I’m busy I, family..trying to just lay down and be quiet when I can LOL.

The last few months have been a total write off as far as fitness coaching and taking care of myself..I blame the red wine that I love so much. I manage to get my hands on a bottle of red Friday evening and then proceed to eat crackers, brie and whatever tasty cheese I can get my hands on!

My Husband keeps asking me why I’m so crazy for cheese all of a sudden..I have no idea, I just like the stuff and the wine just makes it all even better! Problem is I haven’t been exercising so, couple that with the horrible nutrition choices and well..weight gain!!

My Coach got me talked in to a new Challenge group, it honestly didn’t take much convincing.  I started today and I have promised myself that the red wine will wait! I’ve got a group of girls in the Challenge and I will stay true to it for results!

I also cut all of my hair off a couple of weeks ago! I just felt like I needed a change, mostly people seem to really like it. I went from hair that hung below my shoulders to a pixie cut! My hair dresser was giddy when I told her what I wanted, her eyes were the size of dinner plates and she grinned like the Cheshire Cat! I suppose not many women go for such a drastic change, she really had a LOT of fun cutting my hair. I love it too, it’s such a dream in the morning to style! I pretty much wash it with a dime of shampoo, leave it wet and slap some hair paste in there and I’m off! I haven’t had short hair since I was fifteen years old so it’s quite an experience!


Maybe I will find more time time to write..

Till then..