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Weekend Happiness!

It’s been a quiet weekend so far. I haven’t worked too much on housework so there are still some things I should get to by the end of the day or I will be regretting it over the next few days.

My Mom swung by last night to take Peanut to the movies.. They saw Hotel Transylvania and they both really enjoyed it. When Mom got here she handed me a bag and said “There are a few things in there for you, I was going to make them Christmas gifts but what the heck” So when I got back in the house I pulled the stuff out.. She had been in Calgary over the last week and picked up some running clothes for me 😃 Compression socks, workout capris and a really great sweater! I LOVE the stuff!! Fits great and feels good, so I got to try the stuff out this morning except for the pants, I wore my regular length ones because it was chilly this morning.


I managed to get 7k done this morning. On the way back I passed this guy walking his dogs, I’ve seen him on the path the past couple of weekends, he threw up a hand for a high five as I passed! It was funny, no one has ever done that to me before and of course I couldn’t leave him hanging!


I also managed to get a grocery shop done, I’m making Swedish Meatballs and Rice for supper. It’s a perfectly cool October day so a nice warm dinner like that will be nice.

For now I am just going to watch a little Football with Hubs and let Dallas pretend she’s a lap dog for a while.. Then I’ll get a little more done in the house.

I hope you are all enjoying this wonderful Sunday :o)


My body is a Temple, My body is a Temple…

Riiiiiggghhhht…. I have been fighting this..whatever this is..virus, cold thing for the last few days and I’m TIRED!! Peanut had wicked flushed cheeks this morning..she has been a super trooper this week but I’m pretty sure she’s about ready to give up the fight.

I am ready to crawl into my bed with nothing but total junk food and catch the last two episodes of “How To Get Away With Murder” on demand. I have been off my workout routine this week and when I’m not feeling good I just eat the crappiest food in comforts me I suppose.

At this point I don’t care much about eating healthy and exercising.. I just want to cover myself in vicks vapo rub, get the flannel jammies out, eat and watch t.v!

At least I know I don’t have to get up and go to work tomorrow..I’ll be sleeping in!!!! 7am is sleeping in right?!

Happy Friday!! Mine will be a LOT happier once I’m in my bed!!my-body-is-a-temple-and-it-needs-a-renovation

Homework woe’s and a looming teacher strike.

schoolWe always have a bit of trouble trying to get Peanut to do her homework, she’s usually more interested in doing other things, I’m fairly certain that’s normal for most kids. For the most part it just takes a little coaxing to get her to focus.

Last night was a little tougher then just a bit of coaxing, because she hasn’t been feeling well. She has three tasks to complete and hand in for tomorrow but she keeps telling me her brain isn’t working and she just want’s to lie down and zone out…poor kid 😦 I know how she’s feeling because I feel exactly the same right now.

This morning I tried again but it just didn’t happen and then I got a message from her school Principal.

The teachers have been on a work to rule program for a while now, as of yesterday they are in a strike position and the Board has come down stating the schools will be kept open, safe and they will teach in class but that is it..absolutely nothing else will be done, I should add that the Custodians are on a work to rule plan as well and will not be sweeping the floors in the school either.

So here I am pushing this poor kid who isn’t feeling well to do her work and it probably isn’t even going to get marked! Normally I would make her do it because school work is important and handing in her assignments on time is important but I think I might just let this slide…maybe I will write a note in her agenda(the one her teacher won’t even write in right now, and that I paid 8 bucks for so that we could communicate about Peanuts progress)and tell the teacher that my daughter won’t be handing in her assignments until after she feels better.

I do understand where the Teachers are coming from and why it’s so important for them to have contracts that are upheld. These people teach our children and spend more time with our children during the day then we do. I’m not picking on the school board at all..I’m on their side for the most part. I just figure if my kiddo is’s o.k if she hands in a late assignment..especially if its just gonna sit on her teachers desk and collect dust anyway.

Tis the season! Cough and cold season that is…

8 week old sick Golden Retriever puppy with a blue ice bag on her head on a white background

Yep, that’s right, we’re getting sick!

I loathe being sick..I’m sure there is not a person out there who enjoys being ill…but…I am a particularly hard person to deal with when I’m sick.

Our babysitter was sick all of last week and over the weekend Peanut started to kind of act weird..she does that when she’s coming down with something. She clings to me, wants to cuddle and hang out while I cook(It’s not a terrible thing really)and just be close to me. On Sunday she asked what was for Dinner and I told her I was roasting a chicken, she asked if I could just make a pot of chicken soup and I knew right then we were in for it.

I have no problem taking care of a sick family, however, If I manage to come down with it things don’t go very smoothly! I like to be left alone when I don’t feel good…Having other sick and needy people around when I want to be left alone doesn’t work LOL

Well last night I got out those bones and made a pot of stock which promptly became a pot of home made soup! The family scarfed it down for supper and we all have it for lunch today as well. It’s good and it’s helping me to at least feel a little happier if not better.

Me thinks tonight will be an early to bed after a hot bath kind of night…We all just have to hold out until the weekend and then we can really have a rest!

Domesticity at it’s finest? Sure!

First post! It feels a little daunting LOL! Ok…here goes 🙂

I’m 40(ish) work full time, have two kids a husband and two(1 Golden Lab and 1 Tabby Cat)fur faces! I am busy ALL the time..well..that’s if I havent decided to just lay down and let a few things slide.

I won’t complain about my job because I work for really good people, in a family run company, if  I have to work it’s a good place to be. I do a nine hour day and the pay is ok but I’m not getting rich! Oh what it would be like to be independantly wealthy!! It’s also not a creative position at all, not even the creation of word documents LOL!

At home there’s a husband and daughter tag team who love to run me ragged! I don’t mind this either, for the most part, but I do have my days where I draw a line in the sand and finger wag until they get the hint.

I live for the weekends! Saturday and Sunday are like gold to me! I get up early, make a coffee and sit in the quiet with our dog Dallas(quiet until she decides it’s fetch time anyway)and enjoy the time to myself. Usually I will take the dog out for her game of fetch and then, weather permitting, I throw on my kicks and go for a run..I never knew I was a runner until about three years ago…when I first started I thought I was going to drop dead on the path! Now, I LOVE it..It’s like meditation for me, I get out there with a play list and just clear my head and do something good for my body too. Then it’s house and family time 🙂

I’m also not a terrible gardener, I have a few garden beds with a variety of plants as well as an herb box and a ton of house plants! It’s nice to have fresh herbs in the summer for cooking 🙂

What I’m hoping for this blog is that, I can post recipes and household tips that work for me..maybe share a story or two with any one who might want to read along. To be able to get a little creative and just have a bit of fun!

I hope some of you will hang around! I’m always up for a new friend and a laugh!

Till Later…

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