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Domesticity at it’s finest? Sure!

First post! It feels a little daunting LOL! Ok…here goes 🙂

I’m 40(ish) work full time, have two kids a husband and two(1 Golden Lab and 1 Tabby Cat)fur faces! I am busy ALL the time..well..that’s if I havent decided to just lay down and let a few things slide.

I won’t complain about my job because I work for really good people, in a family run company, if  I have to work it’s a good place to be. I do a nine hour day and the pay is ok but I’m not getting rich! Oh what it would be like to be independantly wealthy!! It’s also not a creative position at all, not even the creation of word documents LOL!

At home there’s a husband and daughter tag team who love to run me ragged! I don’t mind this either, for the most part, but I do have my days where I draw a line in the sand and finger wag until they get the hint.

I live for the weekends! Saturday and Sunday are like gold to me! I get up early, make a coffee and sit in the quiet with our dog Dallas(quiet until she decides it’s fetch time anyway)and enjoy the time to myself. Usually I will take the dog out for her game of fetch and then, weather permitting, I throw on my kicks and go for a run..I never knew I was a runner until about three years ago…when I first started I thought I was going to drop dead on the path! Now, I LOVE it..It’s like meditation for me, I get out there with a play list and just clear my head and do something good for my body too. Then it’s house and family time 🙂

I’m also not a terrible gardener, I have a few garden beds with a variety of plants as well as an herb box and a ton of house plants! It’s nice to have fresh herbs in the summer for cooking 🙂

What I’m hoping for this blog is that, I can post recipes and household tips that work for me..maybe share a story or two with any one who might want to read along. To be able to get a little creative and just have a bit of fun!

I hope some of you will hang around! I’m always up for a new friend and a laugh!

Till Later…

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Good Red Wine, Cheese and a Pixie Cut :)

Yeah, so, it seem’s I set up a blog just so I could do absolutely nothing at all with it! I wonder if other people have done this as well. I’m busy I, family..trying to just lay down and be quiet when I can LOL.

The last few months have been a total write off as far as fitness coaching and taking care of myself..I blame the red wine that I love so much. I manage to get my hands on a bottle of red Friday evening and then proceed to eat crackers, brie and whatever tasty cheese I can get my hands on!

My Husband keeps asking me why I’m so crazy for cheese all of a sudden..I have no idea, I just like the stuff and the wine just makes it all even better! Problem is I haven’t been exercising so, couple that with the horrible nutrition choices and well..weight gain!!

My Coach got me talked in to a new Challenge group, it honestly didn’t take much convincing.  I started today and I have promised myself that the red wine will wait! I’ve got a group of girls in the Challenge and I will stay true to it for results!

I also cut all of my hair off a couple of weeks ago! I just felt like I needed a change, mostly people seem to really like it. I went from hair that hung below my shoulders to a pixie cut! My hair dresser was giddy when I told her what I wanted, her eyes were the size of dinner plates and she grinned like the Cheshire Cat! I suppose not many women go for such a drastic change, she really had a LOT of fun cutting my hair. I love it too, it’s such a dream in the morning to style! I pretty much wash it with a dime of shampoo, leave it wet and slap some hair paste in there and I’m off! I haven’t had short hair since I was fifteen years old so it’s quite an experience!


Maybe I will find more time time to write..

Till then..


I survived the holiday’s and now I’m back at it!

So, I had created this whole post just before Christmas, about how I had SO much to do and how I felt like I was losing my mind. 

I guess I DID lose my mind because I never posted it! 

Well.. I made it through, all the shopping, wrapping,drinking and eating. I actually had the week off from work and at the time it was great, looking back.. It went waaaay too fast. 

I set up a challenge group at the start of the month and invited a much of ladies to participate. It’s not strictly Beachbody programs, any workout and any nutrition plan, just as long as they are doing something. So far so good! The group is doing well, the ladies are posting and I have developed some good relationships 😃   

 There is one lady however, she is a coworker, and she’s negative. This woman is 50, pre diabetic and morbidly obese. I worry for her and she keeps saying she’s going to try and change, I’m trying my best to help her. I give her recipes, tell her about the eat this not that kinda stuff. We talk about exercise that she can do, attainable goals etc. I added her to my group so she could follow and see if anything might help, she posts negative messages within my group! For instance, I posted a motivational photo about trying and she responded with “I’m gonna try and go back to bed” on another motivational post workout photo I posted of myself she said “Your a sick person” I told her the idea was to NOT be sick and to be healthy when I’m 50, yes it was a dig but sheesh. I’ve already asked her not to post unless it’s something positive. I’m a bit upset about it, my husband said I should just remove her because she might hurt the momentum I’ve got going within the group. 

Perhaps she’s a person that needs to find her own way.. 

 Other then that the group is great! AND I have a ticket for my first BB event in April!! Really excited about that😃 

It’s nice to know that I can motivate a bunch of other ladies to get healthier and more fit! 

That’s it for now, I’m hoping to get back to more regular blogging!

See ya soon!😃

MIA for a little while there…

Ah! Sorry!! I got busy there for a minute!! ;o)

I’m baaaaaaaaaack!! hehe

I have been working my butt off..literally! I finished Insanity Max 30 last Friday and started 21 Day Fix Extreme on Monday past.

SO I didn’t get the results I wanted with Insanity Max 30, why? you ask…well…*cough* I screwed around too much *cough* My nutrition(wine…junkfood…wine…snacks) was mostly terrible. I worked out everyday but that was it, so, even though I lost a few pounds there isn’t a lot of change in body composition although I do feel stronger :o)

So far I have done PLYO Fix Extreme, Upper Fix Extreme and today was Pilates Fix Extreme. Plyo Fix was a great workout, mostly lower body and I used 10 pound dumbells. Upper fix was also a good workout and lord knows I can use the work on my pushups because I SUCK at them!

I was not impressed with todays Pilates Fix…first it was all resistance band and second I didn’t really feel like it was a tough workout. My resistance bands need replacing, that might help. I do feel like it was a reaaaaaaly good stretch for my sore muscles though so I’ll take that and perhaps tomorrow my abdominals will be sore from todays work.

I’m gonna take some after photos this weekend to show my results from Insanity Max 30 so I can send away for my T-shirt! I also need to use them as my “before” photos for 21DFX.

I mentioned a while ago that I had signed up to coach and I’m still doing that :o) took a couple of training courses to help me figure things out, I’m not going fiull force on that right now, I pretty much just want to grab a bunch of unhealthy people and help them to feel better..SO.. I will be setting up a free private Facebook group to start In January(everyone has healthy resolutions) and I’m going have people just do whatever they want to get fit and healthy, the only thing they have to conribute is accountability :o) By motivating and coaching others I also get to motivate and better myself!


Win Win!!

Here I am! An Independent Beachbody Coach!!


I signed up yesterday! I can’t believe I took the plunge!!

Once my Coach’s Online Office was set up I signed in and started to take a look at all the information available to me, it was a little overwhelming! I only feel slightly terrified lol.

This is the beginning for me, a great beginning 🙂 I have thought about this long and hard, I know it’s the right thing because whenever I think about it I just get happy! Like the Universe is saying “Yes!!”

After a bit of a temper tantrum a couple of weeks ago, Hubs told me to do what I need to do and he supports me 🙂 I’m lucky to have that push, and in fact, if he hadn’t of said it out loud I might not have jumped.

SO it begins, I’m banking on at least a year before there is any real income but I would love to see it unfold a little faster. I get to take charge of my own fitness while I help other people take charge of thiers and hopefully gain some flexibility in my life while I do it.

The ultimate goal is to be able to work on my own terms so I have FAR more time for my family 🙂 because that’s what counts in this life, not helping to line the pockets of someone else at your own cost!

Feeling light and optimistic! 🙂


A short conversation and a reminder of my self worth.


I had a short and wonderful conversation this morning with one of the sales reps that works with me. He is a lovely man with a fantastic perspective on life and also a man that I admire as a human being. He said to me “You are meant for far more then that place” (meaning the office) He said he knew it from the minute he met was a well timed comment and one that I greatly, greatly appreciate right now. He also told me that I shouldn’t let the regular, everyday mundane garbage get to me and to shake of the doubt and just get up and make the changes I need to.

Made my day…

Don’t get old and die, stay young and LIVE!

old and young

The people I work with are OLD! Not old in years but just old people, they range between late 40’s and late 50’s. Lately I have noticed a trend that is beginning to bother me, a handful of these people I work with are complaining ALL the time of health concerns, aches and pains and weight problems.

More often then not I just find myself biting my tongue when really all I want to do is scream at them to stop eating junk and start moving. We have had discussions about food and exercise, mostly I just get told that I should just lay down and let myself age and get fat because it’s normal and inevitable. Is it normal and inevitable to wake up everyday with back pain or have high blood sugar, pre diabetes and chronic migrains? Is it normal to be at a body weight that is considered obese and have problems with your joints? Or smoke cigarettes and cough my lungs out all day??..not to mention it REEKS! I used to smoke but gave it up in favour of living longer and feeling healthier.

I’m sorry but ten, twenty and even 30 years from now I’m going to be in the best shape that I can be, running around and feeling young! I’m certainly NOT going to fill my body with crap and feel like crap until I die.

I’m feeling a little suffocated with all the negativity, I haven’t told anyone that I’m working out every morning at 5am(I’m actually on the verge of becoming an Independant Beach Body Coach)…I’m sure they will just tell me I’m nuts. I even get laughed at when I mention that I went for a run over the weekend.

I find it so strange that people would rather wallow in self pity and bad health then get up and enjoy thier lives even a little bit…it’s sad.

Insanity Max30 Day 2 & 3!


I had Tbata Power yesterday morning and I got it done :o) I find this one a little tough because I have such sucky upper body strength! Pushups practically kill me, and this program has something called Plyo Pushups. You do the pushup itself and THEN, while you are at the top of the movement, you jump to the side.. seriously if I could have a word with the person who came up with this..well.

sweat intervals

This morning I had Sweat Intervals, and let me tell you, this program is no joke! I was pink faced by the time I was done and my heart rate was a teady 150-160 throughout. There were a few push ups in this routine but not too was however loaded with Burpee’s which are much more fun!! <– Please note the sarcasm ;o)

I’m pleased with myself so far this week as far as the exercise goes, I need to get a little cleaner with my menu but since we had so much leftover food from the weekend it was a little hard.

I will be planning a menu and a good shop this weekend, my Mother is also coming for dinner on Saturday and I always like to make something really yummy for her when she comes :o)

Off to finish my lunch..

Post Thanksgiving food and alcohol hangover :/

I did manage to drag my rear end out of bed this morning and workout but I am still suffering the effects of a family dinner and LOT’S of wine ;o)

This week I will be focusing on getting back to a consistent workout routine and eating clean.


I restarted Insanity Max30, this program is no walk in the park! Last time I did it I dropped around 18 pounds and maaaaany inches, unfortunately I seem to get on and get off the fitness/nutrition train and I have been “off” for a while. I have gained back 10 pounds, give or take a few pounds of water but it’s not the weight so much as the way I feel.

When I am on a consistent program I feel BETTER! I have more energy for the kiddo, I stay up a bit later, less headaches and I eat better! Who wants to fill themselves with junk after a workout?!

SO I got up this morning, slapped in Insanity Max30 Cardio Challenge and got to it!!

Day 1 is in the books and nutrition has been junkfood yet anyway..

Gonna run and see if I can figure out what to do with allllll the leftovers that are in the fridge from the weekend :o)

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving Weekend with your families! :o)

My Kiddo is Awesome!

No really, I mean that! I know, I know, we all think our kids are the best. This kid is SO very cool though! In June she turned 10 and for her birthday she wanted a laptop with a mic headset so that she could play games and upload them to YouTube.

There are a handful of people on YouTube that she watches do this. I was a bit wary, she’s only 10 and the Internet can be a big scary place. We put in place a whole bunch of rules, set up some parental controls, I made her an account and off she went.

Over the past few months her gaming videos have started to change. She has a thing for littlest pet shop figures and began making movies with them(she has also been painting them with acrylic paint, turning them into other characters from games, movies or t.v shows)moving them around and making them talk, it was cute. I watch her videos before she uploads them and people watch them and she thinks it’s great. The last couple of videos she made were with her Minecraft figures(she plays Minecraft and she’s crazy creative with the worlds or places she makes, recreating games that she plays or places she’s been)and they are stop-motion!

They are amazing little five minute videos! I couldn’t believe how well done these videos were! She set up a back ground and then when she was done she added music.. She literally blew my mind LOL! What get’s me, is where did she even get the idea to do this?

So now she’s getting all these views on her little YouTube channel and she’s just in her glory about that!

I watch her change everyday, she used to be my little Peanut.. Now she’s a super smart tween with a killer personality and crazy creative flair!

I love where she is going…but I miss where she has been..

Being a Mom is hard but seeing her do things like this is awesome!

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